Carolina Kannada Balaga


Carolina Kannada Balaga (CKB) is formed by the Kannada loving community living in and around the Greater Charlotte region, North Carolina, in order to promote literary, educational and cultural activities pertaining to Kannada language and heritage of Karnataka, and to further the intercultural understanding among the people of the United States of America and Kannadigas in other parts of the world, do hereby join together in this association. The association is a non-profit organization and run by volunteers and voluntary efforts of the community.

We are bound by the rules and articles of a written constitution. Our motto is “Working to bring together two generations and two cultures”. Carolina Kannada Balaga has grown from strength to strength since its inception due to the dedication and contributions of our members. We are still a growing organization consisting of approximate 350+ life members (Families). Over the years Kannada Balaga has hosted many a social, cultural, literary, educational and charitable activities. These have contributed to increased awareness of its culture not only to our younger generation but also the host community. The Kannada Balaga Youth continue to take great interest in our history and rich heritage and bring forth views and ideas which in itself is an achievement for bringing two generations together. Events and Meetings are held four times a year. These provide an opportunity to meet each other with family and friends. The first event is to mark Kannada Rajyotsava followed by Makara Sankranti, Yugadi and Annual picnic to cherish and celebrate Karnataka’s profound rich culture, traditions and language.