What is the GPS address for the Navika summit 2015?


How do I get to the Raleigh Convention Center?


Where do I park for Navika 2013 summit?


What are some of the hotels near the RCC?


Do you allow pets?


Can I bring a still or video camera into the RCC?


Can I bring food or beverages into the RCC?



 What are the nearest airports to the Navika 2015 event location?


What are my options to travel to Raleigh if I don’t want to fly?


Is there any public transportation available to the Raleigh Convention Center (RCC)?


What are my options to travel between airport and RCC/Hotel?


I’m visiting Raleigh for the first time. Where can I get a map of the area and some information about the local attractions?


Emergency Info

 What are the nearest pharmacy stores to the RCC?


What are the Hospitals/Urgent care facilities around RCC?


Area Attractions

Raleigh has tons of attractions catering to the needs of people of all ages and tastes. Please refer to the following links to get further details on the local attractions:

  1. Tripadvisor –
  2. VisitRaleigh –
  3. If you are willing to explore out of Raleigh, there are again, tons of attractive destinations. Here is a link to help you choose the destination of your taste –

NC Attractions