What are the benefits provided when I register for donation packages?


Can I buy individual tickets in addition to the donation packages if I have a large party?


My donation package gives me entry to only one ticketed event. However, I would like to attend more than one event. How do I go about it?


Can I take tax benefits by paying donations?


What exactly do you mean by dinner or lunch with celebrity?


Do I get to have lunch or dinner with them all three days?


Can I sit with my choice of celebrity?


Are donations refundable?


What is included in the Admission Ticket?


Do I have to buy tickets for other ticketed events?


Are tickets transferable?


What if I have more questions that are not covered here?


Are there any discounts for senior citizens?


If I am already registered and subsequently want to add more registrants, how will I be able to add under the same registration number?


Can I make payment by installments for registration tickets?


How soon will I be registered if I make the payment by check?


What are the different types of credit cards I can use?


Can I use debit card?


Can I use Indian credit cards to make payments in USD (US Dollars)?


How do I make hotel reservations in the nearby hotels? Are there any discounts for the Summit?


Is there handicap access to the venue?