Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1. Can I send my Youtube video link for preliminaries?Answer: Yes, for preliminaries (and for semifinals) – We need youtube links for all disciplines as applicable, in exceptional cases, for vocal disciplines, you can send us a soundcloud link that has just an audio. Audition material (for direct audition and semifinals) should not exceed more than 6-7 mins duration.   Time limits vary for the final contest at the NAVIKA 2015 summit. 

Question 2: I missed your auditions deadline. Can I still send my entries?

Answer: No, we will not accept new entries after July 31st, 2015.


Question 3: My video link doesn’t have background music, but I will be having background music during actual event. Will that be OK?

Answer: That is fine.


Question 4: Some of my team members are missing in the video I have sent, but they will be joining for final performance. Do you have any objections to that?

Answer: We prefer that the group entry audition material is as close as possible to the actual contest performance – so, it is very important that video shows all the team members in the presentation.


Question 5: Can I sing non-Kannada song….like Sanskrit?

Answer: We prefer that all contest entries are in Kannada or Karnataka oriented.


Question 6: I am not a member of any Kannada Koota / I am currently a visitor to USA. Can I still enter the contest?

Answer: Yes, you can. You can register with us for online prelim audition.  [Contest Entry Form]


Question 7: What if I want to sing a different song during the finals?

Answer: Yes, you may different sing song, dance to a different number, as you progress through the different stages of the contest.


Question 8: How can I contact Navika Nakshatra committee members for any questions?

Answer: Please email us at “” and we will get back to you within a day (you may include a phone number to reach you). You can also post your questions in the web site, for the benefit of others.


Question 9: I would like to contest in multiple disciplines, is there any limit?

Answer: You may contest in multiple sub-disciplines at the preliminaries. However, an individual may not be part of more than two contest disciplines at the finals. The two disciplines got to be in same umbrella.


Question 10: How can I help Kannada Koota?

if you are part of kannada koota, please do mention them as your referral, this will help us track.


Question 11: If I get selected for finals, will I be expected to make additional entry/participation fees for the contest?

Answer: No, the entry/participation fees you pay at the preliminaries stage are what you pay for the whole contest. However, the selected finalists must register for the NAVIKA 2015 event/conference.


Question 12: I have questions on how many minutes I am allowed to sing/dance/act at the contest, what types of songs/dance/acts I can present, what are the different stages of the contest, what are the general rules for each discipline, what are the materials I will need for the Visual Arts contest, registration process, etc.

Answer: Answers to these questions and a lot of general contest rules/info is available on our website ( – Cultural->Cultural Sub Teams->Navika Nakshatra section). Feel free to email us if there are additional questions.